Influence factor analysis of supply chain resilience using ISM IEEE Conference Publication

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24. Mai 2022

In all samples, aftertaste was frequently rated as “too intense” irrespective of caffeine or MCT was added. An oily mouthfeel was rarely noted by the participants in the samples containing MCTs. Further, the caffeine-free interventions could not be distinguished from the caffeinated interventions. In 61% of the interventions, it was indicated by the participants that the sample contained caffeine.

This might involve normally competitive companies working together, since operations and account names often cross platforms, and cross-platform visibility is an important tool for identifying them. Taking down accounts as early as possible is important, because it takes time to establish the legitimacy and reach of any one account. The NSA and US Cyber Command worked with the FBI and social media companies to take down Russian propaganda accounts during the 2018 midterm elections.

Advertising does not have a direct effect on overall brand perceptions. While advertising is certainly able to influence individual brand perceptions, this model tells us that advertising does not have a direct effect on overall brand perceptions. Thus, it is unlikely, in the mobile device space, for advertising to generate a fundamental shift in overall brand perceptions without the benefit of other influences. In the case of Apple, increases in demand are most significant when perceptions that the brand “has the best features and functionality,” “is easy to use” and “is worth paying more for” improve.

And it seems perhaps impossible to honor this in large scale polities such as modern states. Technology plays no essential role here, or exacerbates the problems. Stress physiology is involved because as unease increases, sympathetic activation increases and that tends to narrow the attention. In an untrained person the attention gets focused on what is causing the unease, magnifying it and causing an escalating cycle.

Design of low-cost ionic liquids for lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment

When everybody was chuckling at Ever Given memes this spring, few could have guessed that global supply chain issues would actually become a bigger topic of conversation as the year wore on. An internet search for ‘chinese government interfering in US elections’ was inconclusive. For example, on page one of the search results, there were articles about President Trump and Vice President Pence claiming China meddled in the 2018 US elections.

  • Marketing should take a similar proactive approach to dealing with customer expectations by communicating openly about their problems and solutions.
  • The unfavourable impacts of organic solvents on the environmental and human health have increasingly drawn the attention of scientists and technologists for a long run solution.
  • When everybody was chuckling at Ever Given memes this spring, few could have guessed that global supply chain issues would actually become a bigger topic of conversation as the year wore on.
  • The model enables the determination of the reaction time, where the rate of depolymerization reaches its maximum over repolymerization, which has been shown strongly depending on the reaction temperature and sodium hydroxide concentration.

The participants were trained to perform the measurements and record the results independently on a test protocol. In addition, step-by-step instructions were available in the testing booths. All participants underwent 10 test days, with different orders of interventions . To maintain a wash-out phase of 24 h, a classical randomisation of the interventions was not possible; thus, the duration of the wash-out phase was set according to Fredholm et al. .


Passmore, “Normal variations in total ketone bodies in serum and urine of healthy young men,” Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology and Cognate Medical Sciences, vol. Maynar, “Plasma total fatty acid responses to exercise following caffeine ingestion,” European Journal of Sport Science, vol. Due to the overnight fasting, at the beginning of the intervention, the participants were hungry (min 3 ± 3.1 C10+; max 5.29 ± 2.98 C8−).

Chief supply chain officers can use this infographic to prepare and lead through all manner of turns. Download our report to explore the business benefits supply chain leaders can achieve from orchestrating a digital supply chain ecosystem, in which trading networks widen to include Tier 2 and beyond suppliers. Read more about national changes in the frequency and dollar amount of U.S. consumers’ food-away-from-home purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic in this working paper from USDA’s What is Influence Chain Economic Research Service. Respondents indicated an increase in in-store purchases and eating in as the pandemic progressed into 2022. National and local producers and suppliers should maintain online, home delivery and curbside pickup during regular times, and be prepared to increase and expand these services during times of a public health crisis or other disasters. A personal account can be used to get email alerts, save searches, purchase content, and activate subscriptions.

Some of whom are actually “on the take” directly or indirectly from certain organisations that will benifit by the false “going dark” agenda, as they will supply at vast amounts the fairly usless tools command from the tax payer purse. The way out of the maze of twisty passages all alike and all different is to recognize the principle of subsidiarity, what can be done by a lower power should not be done by a higher. This means local discussion and a hierarchy rising as the domain of the goods involved becomes more general.

How would you describe the type of disinformation campaign perpetrated by mainstream media during 2016 election cycle? There were an endless demonstration of republican president elect Trump thru out-of-context quotes and pictorial parodies to villify his position on various subjects. On the other hand, the Clintons were given a free pass despite their various failures. Truth is crack and distrust of the “establishment” exists for a good reason because they’ve become awful at their doings.

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Overall, the caffeine-free interventions tended more to cause side effects. At the beginning of the interventions, salivary caffeine concentrations averaged 0.233 ± 0.367μg/mL. Accordingly, the instructed caffeine abstinence was observed by the subjects. Forty minutes after ingesting the test solutions, the mean maximum of caffeine in saliva was 5.648 ± 2.086μg/mL. As the interventions progressed, the concentration decreased to 3.123 ± 1.382μg/mL . As expected, there were no significant differences between the AUC of the interventions.

One thing I don’t see discussed much is decreasing everyone’s reach. Disinformation works on democracy because of how highly connected our social media graph is, and this is due to just a small subset of people. Although your customers and employees might understand that your company is facing supply chain challenges, your partners will relate to the struggle on a completely different level. Quirk’s is the place where the best, brightest and boldest in marketing research — clients and agencies alike — exchange their most effective ideas.

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We have already seen that the ruling oligarchy in every country, including the USA, tries to censor people and suppress inconvenient facts and views. Any mechanisms built to defeat so-called influence operations will be used first and foremost to silence opponents of the ruling oligarchy. Disinformation campaigns rely on a number of physiologic processes in our stress-response system. Specifically they focus on creating unease in the receiver that is reduced by the receiver acting in a manner that the purveyor of the disinformation wants. Humans have a regrettable tendency to prefer behaviors that reduce unease rather than those that reduce difficulty. So explaining to people that their choices are not helpful is not going to get them to make different choices if the original choices reduce unease quickly.

Influence Chain

So far it has already been demonstrated that it is possible to recycle an ionic liquid maintaining its capabilities to solubilize lignin from biomass at the same extent (Brandt-Talbot et al., 2017; Nakasu et al., 2020). When developing an SEM model, marketers must work with analysts to develop several hypotheses on how the model might look – how the various buckets of influence might work together to influence demand. (The model will not develop the overall picture of influence without a suggested starting point.) By having several starting hypotheses, data can be run through various hypotheses to determine which models/hypothesis best fit reality.


But even if this particular model doesn’t fit every influence operation, it’s important to start somewhere. As with employees, marketing has a key role to play in communicating with your partners. Transparency around your ordering and forecasting will help ensure people understand the specific challenges you are facing and put your best foot forward with new partners that are stepping in to help you fill orders. As with customers and employees alike, managing expectations now will save you headaches later. Biphasic organosolv treatment for soft- and hardwood using water/1-butanol was unique based on the correlation between liquid-phase states and solubility of the co-solvents when compared with a monophasic water/ethanol system.

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The purveyor of the disinformation then presents the “solution” which reduces unease quickly, and the receiver goes for it, experiencing pleasure that reinforces the behavior. That’s a good question, Sir, and I notice that the very first comment post asking a similar question in a more pointed manner has been deleted. Remember those heady days when it seemed that the biggest threat to “our” “free” Internet was out-of-control adware? How times change… These days who knows who the good guys are, if any. So, you have a large amount of the population with low digital literacy skills, struggling to survive economically, who have no confidence in their government or corporate media. That is the key to all societies where ever they are however they exist is “Knowledge” which is derived from “Information” processed by “Intelligence”.

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