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9. August 2022

We have a wide array of clients from enterprise-level clients such as Vizio, Clear and iHeart Radio to small greenfield start-ups. Whatever size company our goal remains the same – Deliver world-class IoT services and solutions and truly partner with our clients to ensure overall product success. The product is an expense and corporate card solution that eliminates the hassles of expense management while giving finance leaders real-time spend visibility and control. This solution provides employees with a refreshingly easy way to pay for what they need while giving finance leaders one easy place to control, manage, and track spendings.

The end result of all of our tasks must be the assurance that a user will be able to use our product intuitively, safely, and easily. Fieldwire is a construction field management software, used on over 1M+ projects worldwide. We’re building a Field Management Platform dedicated to construction teams — providing operational excellence for one of the world’s largest global industries — $10 Trillion/year. We’re delivering a superior, easy-to-use product that’s driven by the voice of our customers. Kotlin can be used for any kind of development, be it server-side, client-side web and Android. With Kotlin/Native currently in the works, support for other platforms such as embedded systems, macOS and iOS is coming.

kotlin qa engineer

She excitedly told me about a bug that involved clicking a button several times, navigating forward and backward through a pair of pages, and then scrolling quickly, all in one specific browser. Keep on asking clarifying questions until you really understand what is happening. In doing this, you may bring up points the developer hadn’t thought of, sending them back to improve their work. We are looking for an Android Developer who possesses a passion for pushing mobile technologies to the limits and will work with our team of talent…

Qa Automation Engineer Java

Our Mission Mercari is a Japan-based company with the mission of “create value in a global marketplace where anyon… Here at Catawiki, you will have a huge impact, working in a data-driven way to add value to the business along with the other 6 members of the Andr… Used testing tools as linkChecker, Android Studio , xCode , WireShark, Chirles, FireBug, Chrome Developer tool. Please visit our website /careers to submit your online application for this position. Afterpay’s mission is to power an economy in which everyone wins, to play fair, trust people and reward them for doing the right thing.

Or perhaps a button appears where we weren’t expecting one. Even when the developer writes the AC, they may not include test scenarios where bugs could be hiding, not because they are trying to be duplicitous, but because the scenarios might not have occurred to them. Testers will often assume that the developer knows best and will test only the AC. This means that there may be critical areas that are left untested and bugs left undetected. Software developers are continuously learning, and you should be as well. Listen to podcasts and read blog posts to keep up with the latest technology trends and testing strategies.

  • Working with the existing testing environment, you will have the chance to create testing suites from scratch.
  • These internal contributions often include working on open source projects, building internal products, improving your craft, educating others, and more.
  • Perhaps it’s an odd page refresh or a navigation to a place we weren’t expecting.
  • Our Mission Mercari is a Japan-based company with the mission of “create value in a global marketplace where anyon…
  • Kotlin can be used for any kind of development, be it server-side, client-side web and Android.

The more steps a test has, the more likely it is that some test step will fail, causing the entire test to fail. Implicit waits are unreliable because waiting for a set number of seconds does not guarantee that the element will become present and clickable in that time. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Engineer

As an automation tester, you will join an amazing team who are focused on improving product quality. In this role, you will focus on product testing while considering functionality, performance, security, GUI and many other factors. We are an agile software engineering firm for core insurance processes like pricing, underwriting, and risk management.

kotlin qa engineer

In 2020, we were named one of Inc’s Best Workplaces,’s Best Companies for Women to Advance List, and Fatherly’s Best Places to Work for Dads. Very has been a remote-first company since 2011 which has allowed us to develop an amazing remote working experience and to have a remote office culture that exceeds that of any traditional on-site office. The region/country on the post’s title is not related to the location of the clients you’ll be serving. It’s just a reference to the current residence of the applicant!

What Is Kotlin?

Currently, we have a long-running client with needs matching this specific job description, and you will be hired into this project. You’ll spend the majority of your time working on this project, and the remainder of your time can be spent improving Very. These internal contributions often include working on open source projects, building internal products, improving your craft, educating others, and more. QA Automation Engineer Kotlin job Upon completion of this project, you will move on to other client projects for Very. Mentoring the engineers on aspects of quality assurance and testing by sharing the experience and knowledge to implement quality governance across the development lifecycle. Fieldwire solves the problem of access to information and coordination of labor at a large scale for some of the largest projects in the world.

We work hard to evaluate all employees and job applicants consistently, based solely on the core competencies required of the role at hand, and without regard to any legally protected class. Advocate and assist developers to write low level unit tests, integration tests, e2e automated tests and pair with developers for system knowledge sharing, bugs finding and investigation. JCGs serve the Java, SOA, Agile and Telecom communities with daily news written by domain experts, articles, tutorials, reviews, announcements, code snippets and open source projects. At Very we are focused on delivering world-class IoT hardware, software, and smart product engineering services to our clients.

kotlin qa engineer

We believe in a transparent, fair compensation structure and have developed our own open salary formula. Depending on your skill and experience, you can expect your base compensation to be somewhere between $103,000 and $125,000 upon joining the company. We also offer performance bonuses, a generous maternity/paternity leave policy, 401K matching, and numerous other employee benefits including reimbursement for home office equipment and gym memberships. We believe in being fair, and are committed to an inclusive interview experience, including providing reasonable accommodations to disabled applicants throughout the recruitment process. We expect our new teammate to be comfortable working independently and good at managing tasks.

Fieldwire is looking for an experienced Senior QA automation engineer for Android to join our talented QA team. We want issues to be caught well before they reach our customers, the quality bar must stay high. Through automation, our goal is to find as many bugs as possible in a continuous feedback loop during development. Our Android app is built native (95%+ in Kotlin) from the ground up to maximize performance and work in any customer environment online or offline.

Epam Systems, Inc

Our engineering teams are multi-functional, co-located with product and design. Fieldwire’s mobile apps are mission critical for the construction teams that use Fieldwire everyday to save time and money on the jobsite. Within Enablon, we’re working on mobile apps that help workers on the field being safe at work and more efficient in their day-to-day tasks. The apps offer capabilities like geo-location, media capture, push notifications and much more, and are used daily by thousands of workers. They are developed using the latest native technologies by a multi-disciplinary team with developers, QAs, a product owner, a product manager and a UX designer. Collaborate with other software developers, QA engineers, product owners and software architects to plan, design, develop, test, and maintain business applications.

Qa Software Test Automation Engineer

The Fieldwire mobile app has a five-star rating based on thousands of customer reviews. Fieldwire is venture backed by top venture capitalists and has already transformed the way thousands of companies worldwide are working together. Kotlin is primarily developed by a team of engineers at JetBrains (current team size is 100+). In addition to the core team, there are also over 250 external contributors on GitHub. There are hundreds of applications already using Kotlin for Android, such as Basecamp, Pinterest and more.

Manual and automatic exploratory and regression testing on user projects. You can learn all the Kotlin essentials while creating working applications with the Kotlin Basics track on JetBrains Academy. When targeting native, Kotlin will produce platform-specific code .

Familiarity with at least one object-oriented language as well as understanding of functional programming concepts. Searching for and localizing bugs, submitting the results to our issue tracker, and doing regression testing for code fixes. Working in tandem with a programmer on exploratory testing of new language functionality as well as changes to the existing functionality. The web site has a bunch of online resources, including Kotlin Digests by community members, a newsletter, a podcast and more.

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When we have a new feature to test, it’s important to take time and get to know the feature as an end user would by actually using the feature. When we jump into automation before we’ve done this, we can wind up automating tests that don’t exercise the feature well. As a senior engineer, you will be partnering with our clients to bring their products to market. You will be utilizing one or more of the above mentioned technology stacks coupled with a cloud provider to deliver an end-to-end solution for our customers. Tutoring new hires and leadership experience, excellent team player, well organized and capable quickly obtain new technical skills and knowledge.

Can I Use Kotlin For Android Development?

Other IDEs and source editors, such as Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, and Atom, have Kotlin community-supported plugins. In return, we offer the opportunity to join a highly successful and rapidly growing business with a strong mission and values, as well as a very competitive package. Strong knowledge in software design focused on Android mobile environments . Bachelor of Computer Science or solid professional track record in software development. Finding someone who is good about both #2 and at #6 might be a bit like finding a developer who is good at both writing and testing their own code. Sometimes, when we are working on a deadline and have many stories to test, we look only at the functionality of a feature.

With physical and virtual cards, smart policy management, and automated expense reports, this solution streamlines the entire business spending process — driving cost-savings, productivity, and compliance. Rough estimates indicate approximately a 40% cut in the number of lines of code. It’s also more type-safe, for example, support for non-nullable types makes applications less prone to NPE’s. Other features including smart casting, higher-order functions, extension functions and lambdas with receivers provide the ability to write expressive code as well as facilitating creation of DSL.

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