Should Word of Mouth Marketing Be a Top Priority?

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7. Dezember 2022

Why Word Of Mouth Should Be A B2b Marketers Top Priority

If you are not continually creating opportunities for engagement, your competitors will get ahead of you. According to HubSpot, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2020. With video marketing on the rise for businesses, YouTube is one of the top social media platforms that will help build your online presence and brand. Although there is a wide variety of networks available for businesses to choose from, it may not be wise to try and build on all of these platforms at once. Instead, companies need to be strategic in selecting the critical networks that will be the most beneficial for building their online presence and achieving optimal results. This is all dependent on the type of digital content your company generates. For example, if your brand or business does not have a lot of visual content to share, then platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube may not be ideal to consider for your social strategy.

What are the barriers of B2B e commerce?

  • B2B relationships are personal.
  • The B2B buying process involves a lot of decision-makers, and the buying cycle is long and complex.
  • Buyers have complex procurement processes.
  • Buyers need many ways to pay.
  • Data for multiple channels may be siloed.

In fact, only one in 26 unhappy customers actually complain, while the rest stay silent. You won’t know what goes wrong if you can’t convince your customers to provide feedback! Traditional methods such as market research are widely used, but social media, chatbots and email follow ups are also popular options. Whichever kind of feedback your company opts for, it is important that the method is quick and simple for customers to use in order to encourage completion. Especially since the emergence of the internet, customers are inundated with products, many of which could perfectly suit their needs.

Ready to Get Started?

You may be surprised by the scale of the gaps this activity flags up for you. The secret here is to use analytics to track exactly where a customer has come from and the journey they have taken.

Why Word Of Mouth Should Be A B2b Marketers Top Priority

But it is not enough to operate just one information channel. Rather, cross channel marketing is emerging as a trend in B2B marketing. In 2014, 68% of B2B customers used more information channels than in the previous year for research prior to their investment decision.

Whitepaper: How to Super-Charge Content Marketing via Brand Advocates

Look for ways to improve all touchpoints with prospects and customers to create a better customer experience. A business can increase recommendations by creating an outstanding customer experience.

What is the biggest challenge in sales?

The biggest challenge that most sales reps face is the price. The price is too high, the price isn't clear, the price is out of budget, and many other price-based barriers. The most successful tactic for overcoming this challenge is to refocus the conversation from price to value.

If the necessary results and findings are available, it is easy to react with simple measures and to offer the right content at the right place at the right time. PPC and Paid Social campaigns to drive social media brand awareness allow your content to reach target audiences and market segments at scale – even previously untapped ones. This increased reach drives greater website traffic, helps to nurture leads and enhances brand affinity, all of which contribute to the ultimate goal of conversions.

Foster relationships with customers

Monitoring customer reviews and forum discussions about your products to learn what users are saying about them. Coordinate with your customer success team to learn what customers have questions on. Then work with your sales team to understand what prospects are requesting. Companies can’t create an outstanding customer experience without the right strategy.

Twitter is a platform for businesses to get the word out about products and services, provide updates, and engage in customer service. Jay Baer – founder of Convince & Convert – is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and emcee. (Seriously, there’s a speaking hall of fame, and he’s in it). If you need a speaker for a corporate event, conference, awards show, or workshop he’s your man.

  • Konrath thinks this can come off as too pushy and too salesy.
  • Across 9 of the 10 marketing practice areas tested, only around one-fourth to one-third of B2B brands rate themselves well, indicating that overall B2B marketing performance is mediocre.
  • Online Reputation Turn your customers into your brand loyalists and biggest fans.
  • Clearly, customer service really does play a vital role in word-of-mouth marketing.
  • In fact, research from our friends at Walker suggests that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price as the most important criteria among B2B buyers.

This sales technique has been the go-to tactic for generations of marketers but it’s now harder than ever to make an impact. Modern technology means calls can easily be screened and blocked, which only adds to the challenge of getting to speak to the right person. Therefore, it’s important to look at ways you can make your cold calls more effective.

Target Specific Demographics

After all, they consider 66% of B2B customers to be extremely effective. This is immediately followed by case studies, which 65% of B2B customers regard as an effective instrument of content marketing. Whitepapers find 63% of B2B customers to be effective, while videos are the most effective with an impressive 62%. Not only, but also with inbound marketing, content marketing has found its way into B2B and has meanwhile become a fixed factor. Strictly speaking, e-mail marketing is also a sub-discipline of inbound marketing. And according to recent studies, content marketing budgets are to be increased by 59% by 2017.

  • After all, your responses highlight your brand voice and likewise signal that youwant to hear from your customers.
  • In the age of digitalization, anyone who does not care about the personalization of their content and the individual approach to their customers through solutions for specific problems has gambled away.
  • The customer’s insight should always be at the centre of all B2B marketing and therefore also in content marketing.
  • The sales being chased by B2B companies – and crucially the time they take to land – varies greatly in comparison to their B2C counterparts.

In previous roles, he produced award-winning work at a Minneapolis agency, and spent a year teaching and traveling in Argentina. Andy is currently training for his 8th marathon and tweets Why Word Of Mouth Should Be A B2b Marketers Top Priority at @agiefer. However, which ones you prioritize will depend on your specific business needs. For example, generating leads is likely your top priority if you’re a new SaaS business.

Make more referrals yourself.

Now, that being said, recognizing and thanking your Advocates is an advocacy best practice. Ponies should only be given as a thank you when there was no expectation of receiving something in return for positive reviews. Now, in this case, Taco Tuesday and community bonding at the Kristoff’s wasn’t about dollar signs; but imagine if it was. Kristoff Tacos could have been commoditized and sold for a profit, and with all the other elements of my story in place, you can guess what would have happened. If you’re thinking soaring sales, you are on the right track. To research your customer’s pain points, you can start by talking to them directly. You can also look for patterns in customer feedback and data from your website or CRM system.

  • Word of mouth is considered the oldest type of marketing—and the most effective.
  • Social media is a cost-effective and versatile way of marketing in the current digital age.
  • Monitoring customer reviews and forum discussions about your products to learn what users are saying about them.
  • They need to focus on prioritizing the users’ experiences as well as their search intent.

In the decision making stage the buyer is deciding which supplier they will work with. This is when you need to show them why they should choose you over your competitors. Buyers will be trying to get a good feel for your experience and what it may be like to work with you. Formats such as case studies, client testimonials, product literature and live demos will all be helpful here. If you have an existing library of content, begin by performing an audit to identify exactly what exists for each buyer persona at each stage of the buyer journey.

Remember – the tone and mood of your content should strike a chord with your audience. You can determine this by keeping the buyer personas in mind. You can take a step forward and know how to create content that converts for every stage in a buyer’s journey. Celebrity referral programs or TikTok dance challenges might not be the best ways to get your leads queued. Marketing your services to established businesses demand innovative effort and specialized tactics. The top B2B technology marketing trends are grounded in digital transformation and using data to map the customer journey.

Why Word Of Mouth Should Be A B2b Marketers Top Priority

You may discover new information about an existing buyer persona, or a new product might need to be targeted at a new type of buyer completely. For your buyer personas to continue to be useful and effective, you need to treat them as a dynamic document that is revisited and revised regularly. Everyone within the business needs to be aware of the types of people and companies the business wants to attract. Each team will have different insights and ideas, which can all be useful in creating your personas. Form an idea of what your buyer personas are and once you have some customers, find out as much about them as you can and work hard to really understand their needs and challenges.

One of the biggest challenges faced by B2B marketers is generating enough of the right type of traffic to their website, as having the best content in the world is meaningless if no one sees it. B2B marketers are juggling lots of balls at any one time and there are many challenges that will need to be overcome. Here are some of the most common issues faced by B2B marketers, as well as advice on how to overcome them.

We also found that referral programs and partnerships/affiliates were a solid tie, as both were chosen by 43% of respondents even though both of these types of program rely heavily on word of mouth to occur. Taking a deeper look at those who reported to have an advanced strategy, 66% assign 50%+ of their budget towards brand awareness, with just 17% looking to assign less than 50%. This indicates how a multi channel marketing strategy requires an effective and well-polished B2B brand awareness strategy in order to be considered advanced and high performing. Measuring the impact of brand awareness activity poses a pivotal challenge for 42% of senior B2B marketers when it comes to multi channel analytics. However, our research shows a return to focus with 12% allocating over 75% and 57% allocating over 50% of their budget towards brand awareness. This demonstrates how much B2B marketers are prepared to invest more in brand exposure, highlighting its importance in B2B multi channel strategy.

Perhaps they lack the specialist inhouse skills and knowledge to truly understand how to build and accurately measure brand awareness. Or maybe they recognize the importance of B2B brand awareness and choose to outsource to experts to ensure it’s done to the best ability for the results it can achieve. Brand awareness is all about people’s ability to recognize and remember your brand. This way, your existing customers will keep coming back and new ones will remember you ready for when they require your product or service. Measuring brand awareness remains a key challenge for B2B marketers due to its intangible nature, causing it to all too often become overlooked in multi channel strategy.

  • For example, instead of the extra $1,000 you wanted from the deal, stipulate that you want three referrals, provided you can meet certain benchmarks.
  • “When you’re asking for the referrals, you’ll want to make it clear that there’s a time-sensitive incentive for them if they follow through, whether it be a discount or a free gift.
  • Using SEO techniques) to gain more visibility since most of these platforms also function as search engines for customers looking for specific products.
  • Make the most of these by creating boards with your keywords in the titles.
  • By simply asking where the lead came from, you can track your word of mouth.
  • It’s LAME. Before investing in paid recommendations, focus on improving your company and products so it’s worthy of true praise.
  • The secret here is to use analytics to track exactly where a customer has come from and the journey they have taken.

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Use customer relationship management tools to track customer value through purchases and product referrals . Williams Commerce digital marketing team is well-versed in digital analysis.

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